October 31st 2016 marks the start of PerspActive; a Dutch cooperative of nine organisations working in development cooperation. Empowering people in developing countries is the main goal of this new initiative.

Bridging generations is the aim of PerspActive; putting young people at the heart of its future programmes and campaigns. What will the world look like for future generations and how can we anticipate now on a sustainable world for all? What are the prospects amid major changes such as rapid population growth, urbanization, climate change and food security? PerspActive will focus on sustainability; employability and working skills; enabling environment and attitude, with the world in 2030 as our anchor point.

The shared Christian values of its members, extensive experience, knowledge, network and enthusiasm will significantly contribute to address these questions through collaboration, vision and involvement in development programmes. Therefore PerspActive is a complementary cooperative with strength and viability, which will increase its collective benefits and the effectiveness in its goals to improve people’s lives.

The members are: Edukans, ICCO, Leprazending, Light for the World, Help a Child, The Salvation Army International Development Services, TEAR, Wilde Ganzen and Woord en Daad.

Nine organizations combining their extensive experience, knowledge and network will empower PerspActive to really make a change. We are all proud to be part of it.

Tineke Huizinga Board member Communications

PerspActive focusses on sustainability, employability and attitude of everybody involved. With this agenda we will bridge people in time and class.

Jan Lock Board member Treasurer of the board

PerspActive wishes to actively promote perspectives for the next generation. Our top priority is employment for young people and therefore we will concentrate on sustainable economic growth; especially in agriculture.

Marinus Verweij Board member Chairman of the board

Contact Perspactive

Joseph Haydnlaan 2a
3533 AE Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 (030) 880 1465 info@perspactive.ngo